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hi, my name is Ed Brancheau. i'm the owner of Goozleology and, as a Certified Google Partner, I've been helping business throughout the country stand out online since 2005.

now, i'm focusing on San Diego businesses like yours.

my group ranks #1 for over 20,000 search terms and I can help your site rank #1 as well.

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Why should you choose Goozleology?

There are dozens... hundreds... hell... thousands of reasons why you should choose Goozleology.

Here're just a few:

1. I love San Diego
2. I want to help San Diego businesses
3. I implement only safe, ethical SEO methods
4. I don't make promises I can't keep

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discover how i do it

just about every SEO expert tells you how they do it but i'm a lot different... i show you exactly how i do it!

i created over two hours of videos in which i leave nothing out, so you could even take exactly what i teach and do it yourself

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What makes me different?

1. i under-promise and over-deliver
2. i customize the SEO for your business because your biz is unique and has different needs
3. i do all of the important SEO work myself... i don't outsource it

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a fraction of the cost of Google Adwords, Yellow Pages, etc.

in 2014...

advertisers paid google over $40 BILLION

a yellow pages ad costed $4000+ per year with no guarantee of any leads

sometimes these methods works but the main problem with either of these methods is that once you stop paying, they stop sending you leads.

now, ask yourself these two questions:

1. how many more times do you click on an organic google listing over one of their ads?
2. when was the last time you used the yellow pages to find a business?

so, why not invest in a marketing method that is growable and sustainable instead of outdated or expensive?


what others say about me…

because of confidentiality agreements, i can't show you my clients sites. that's why i showed you above how i actually rank business sites like yours. plus, you can check out my LinkedIn profile to see what people are saying about me.