15 Ideas You Can Steal From SEO Experts About How To Write A Blog Entry

how to write a blog entry

OK, Now It’s Time to Start Writing By now, you’ve created a list of several topics and narrowed that list down to one topic that you want to write about. Then you created an outline and listed the takeaways that your readers will receive. So, you’re now ready to discover how to write a blog entry. Simple […]

5 Ways Your Online Search Engine Ranking Is Now Affected By Google

Online Search Engine Ranking

Not long ago, the Yahoo directory was the #1 way that people found information online and Google was just starting out. Hell, Yahoo wasn’t even worried about this little upstart and even the movies talked about buying Yahoo stock (like Noah Emmerich’s character in 2000’s Frequency.) Well, in the last 30 days, Yahoo retired their […]

What The Google Pigeon Update Means For The Rest Of 2014 And Beyond

So, in case you haven’t already heard because you’ve been distracted by serious news like ISIS or Ray Rice, Google launched a new update a few weeks ago which the SEO world has coined Pigeon because it’s update that focuses on local results. And there’s been talk all over the Interwebs about what the update […]