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Stop! This Apple Watch Information Could Change Your Business

Stop This Apple Watch Information Could Change Your Business

The Apple zealots out there all had a collective orgasm when Apple’s Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch revealed the new Apple Watch (why wasn’t it called the “iWatch”? I don’t know)

Anyhow, I began to think about how this announcement, which came just a few weeks after Google’s Pigeon update and which focused on local search results, will affect local businesses.

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Really, the Apple Watch is as close to Dick Tracy’s watch as the iPhone is to Captain Kirk’s communicator and just like the iPhone sparked the development of Android and Windows 8 Mobile, so too will the Apple Watch force those companies to develop their own watches.

I don’t think that the Apple Watch will replace the smartphone simply because the screen is just too small for many apps to ever work on it. But it will be a powerful addon that will likely become more connected to people than their smartphones.

Therefore, local businesses need to begin thinking about how they will connect with their target audience via watches

The latest Apple device will likely put added pressure on hyper-local searches, making it even more important for businesses to ensure they can be found. Credits: Apple Watch Opens New Doors in Local Search – SEW

What Kind Of Techniques Are We Talking About Here With The Apple Watch And Local Search?

Well, for one, the Apple Watch is going to be highly localized down to places that are within walking distance. People will be able to get directions without looking at a screen or listening to that annoying computerized voice that never seems to get street names in San Diego correct since we have so many streets with Spanish names.

Instead, haptic (or tactile) feedback with tell people which direction to walk or turn. Therefore, a map on your website probably won’t do any good. And neither will large images.

Think about that. An Italian restaurant won’t be able to show a picture of their lasgana. It won’t be able to post their fans’ reviews. Rather, they’ll have to produce some audio that paints a picture.

Check out these other articles to see what Apple Watch will feature so that you can start generating ideas about how to market your business.

Those looking for more about Apple’s latest gadgets will find special boxes where Google has hand-compiled information. Danny Sullivan on September 11, 2014 at 7:32 pm. 930; More. Who says rivals can’t work together? If you search on Google for “iPhone … Credits: With Apple’s Help, Google Search Gets Special Info Boxes For iPhone 6 & Apple … – Search Engine Land

Apple Watch Brings Local Search To Your Wrist Search Engine Land We don’t yet know how popular the Apple Watch will be when it goes on sale early next year. A “flash survey” conducted immediately after the announcement showed 33 percent of 1,000 U.S. respondents were potentially interested in buying one. The device …and more » Credits: Apple Watch Brings Local Search To Your Wrist – Search Engine Land

With Siri, users can dictate messages to friends, get turn-by-turn directions or perform local searches, like for movie times. 3. Fitness tracking. Apple says the watch can help people lead healthier lives, by letting them set goals … Credits: 5 things the Apple Watch can and can’t do – Techworld

(Apple didn’t say too much about composing texts, but you can select from a number of pre-programmed responses.) But on top of that, you can take photos and do things like search local establishments and get directions to … Credits: The Apple Watch Is Here – Fashionista

For the first time in four years, Apple has unveiled a new product: Apple Watch. … Local. iPhone 6, Apple Watch: What You Need To Know. September 9, 2014 2:19 PM …. CBS Local Sports. feature. PHOTOS: Pitchfork Music Festival. Credits: iPhone 6, Apple Watch: What You Need To Know « CBS Chicago



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