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Goozleology’s Ultimate List of Local Search Citations for US Businesses

Goozleology’s Ultimate List of Local Search Citations for US Businesses

Look one of the most critical steps that you can take to get your business noticed to make sure that it’s listed on as many sites as it can be. Now, this list is by no means complete since new sites are popping up all of the time and some are taken down. But it is as complete as I could make it and if you list your business on more of them than your competition, it will help with your site’s rankings.

Before you get started though, there are a few things that you should know:

  1. I marked the most important sites to place your site on in RED. Make sure that you start with those first because they’ll get the best results for your effort.
  2. This is the most current information at the time of writing this article. And while 90%+ of these should still be free (unless otherwise noted) and not require any kind of link back to your site, some will not have remained so. My recommendation is to save your money and to not link back to any of these sites. If that’s a requirement for them, skip them and let me know about their change of policy. There are so many citation sites, that it’s just not worth paying for them. And don’t believe their hype because they’ll never drive any direct traffic to your site.
  3. I’ve included data-aggregators because, while they are not citation sources, they do help you get listed in citation sources because they are constantly crawled by citation websites, especially new sites.
  4. Any time you add your site to these services, make sure that you check your email (and your spam folder) for “activation” links or whatnot.
  5. I highly recommend using an app like LastPass to make it much easier to autofill the information required for these sites. Also, make sure that your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) are EXACTLY THE SAME (another reason to use LastPass) as your business is listed on Google My Business (G+). For example, if you spell out “Avenue”, do not abbreviate it to “Ave”. Likewise, if you do abbreviate “Avenue” to “Ave”, do not use “Ave.” Periods, commas, and spaces to count in Google’s crazy view.
  6. Some sites are labeled “Yext” because they’ve partnered with Yext and usually, the only way that you can be included is to subscribe to Yext. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it your business is well established can can afford the $500 it costs per year. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter because I am working on a discounted deal with Yext for my readers.
  7. No matter what type of business you have, try to list your business in all of them. The gatekeepers on these sites don’t do a good job of verifying whether a site is in a related field. And every link to your site helps. Frankly, I don’t think any of these sites have turned me away even in unrelated niches.
  8. Always search for your business before submitting because duplicate listings can cause unintended consequences.

US List of Local Search Citations (you do not need to be a member) (verification required) (AKA nSphere) (can be a pain to figure out how to get listed because they seem to change their method frequently but it’s worth figuring out) (Yext) (Yext) (if you offer free Wi-Fi access) (verification required) (WhitePages/Yext) (Yext) (Yext – although if you call them, I think you can still get listed for free) (verification required) (verification required)


Acxiom ( – AKA InfoGroup, AKA InfoUSA (paid)

Industry-Specific Sites (optometry) (law) (optometry) (auto mechanics) (law) (law) (contractors) (landscaping and lawn-care) (law) (home-improvement services) (home-improvement services) (home-improvement services) (law) (law) (granite suppliers) (landscaping) (industrial) (restaurant) (bridal, florist, salon, etc.) (contractors) (assisted living) (assisted living) (shopping) (optometry) (bridal, florist, salon, etc.) (health industries) (real-estate, home-improvement services, landscaping)

Event Sites

These sites only list event but you can just hold any type of event to get listed. It could even be a small Meetup group.

Ethnic Related Sites

List in them even if you aren’t part of their ethnicity and if anyone asks, just say, “I proudly serve ___ throughout our community.” Believe me, nobody cares. (Indian & Southeast Asian) (Indian) (Filipino) (Filipino) (Native American) (Indonesian) (Black & African American) (Macedonian) (Native American) (Russian) (Vietnamese) (Spanish speakers) (Greek)

Will the Closure of the Pennysaver Actually Save You Hundreds Instead of Just Pennies?

Will the Closure of the Pennysaver Actually Save You Hundreds Instead of Just Pennies?

WARNING! I wrote this article with great haste because I know business owners are freaking out as they wonder how they are going to advertise their business. So, please excuse any typos and bare with my meanderings. I guarantee that your patience and attention will be rewarded at the end to the tune of $1000.

Well, of course you’re here because you just heard about the closure of the Pennysaver and you’re wondering how it’s going to affect your business. And I’m going to tell you how Goozleology, a Certified Google Partner, can actually take this “negative” and turn it into not just a “positive” but multiple positives.

But first, let’s pay a little tribute to the 50 year-old publication.

I remember when my I was a kid, my mom used to send me up to the store to get the latest coupons or to make sure that an ad she placed was published correctly (God, I hated it when she placed ads for crap we were selling because it seemed to attract the crazies to our house.)

That’s was 30 years ago and, honestly, I was kind of shocked to hear that the Pennysaver was even still around. Unfortunately, print publications are going the way of the Dodo. Hell, on the same day that the Pennysaver closed, Playboy made the decision to go online and stop showing nudity.

If Hugh Hefner were still alive, he be rolling in his grave…

Oh, wait!

He’s still alive!

Sorry, Hugh! Didn’t mean to force you into the grave prematurely but can’t you see him laying there in his coffin with his bathrobe on?

Anyhow, I think that this can be a huge opportunity to the businesses that used to advertise in the Pennysaver. Let me explain…

Why the closing of the Pennysaver could be a benefit to your business’s advertising

Let’s face it. The reason that the Pennysaver closed is because it became out-dated, it was hemorrhaging clients and it simply wasn’t getting the results like newer forms of advertising can achieve.

For the most part, your potential customers still had to go to the store (or send their kids up there like my mom did) to grab the circular. Or they had to try to search the clunky site.

The Pennysaver website was like a car with square wheels… clunky!

Even worse than that, have you ever tried searching the even more clunky regional sites? I did that once and vowed to never do it again. Guess that’s another reason they closed.

Their site wasn’t even optimized for mobile devices which is horrible when you consider how many local businesses like restaurants and dry cleaners used to advertise there. Frankly, with over 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, if your site isn’t mobile optimized then you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.

You had to wait for your ads to be published

Unlike Google Adwords or Facebook advertising which are instantaneous, ads in the Pennysaver had to be published, delivered and then picked up by the customer. Then your ad had to catch their eye before they would take action.

They weren’t very targeted

I don’t know how to put this politely, so screw it! I’m just going to say it…

Pennysaver readers are cheap!

And it didn’t matter how great your service is on how phenomenal your food tasted.

If you didn’t give them a coupon then they weren’t going to come.

But with the advertising I’m going to show you, you can laser target your advertising the exact people that you want to see it.

A better option to save hundreds and make thousands

Think about this question… where did you see the ad promoting my site?

I know that you saw it one of two ways:

  1. On Google while you were doing a search about the closure of the Pennysaver.
  2. On a site that featured an article about the closure of the Pennysaver.

You didn’t find it searching for “coupons” or on another classified ads site like Craigslist because I specifically targeted the ad to business owners that were advertising on the Pennysaver and are probably wondering how it’s going to affect their business.

Attract a better clientele

Let me ask you this… if you have an Italian restaurant, would you rather attract people looking for 15% any dinner entree or attract people simply looking for the best damn lasagna in town?

I’m sure you’d rather keep that extra 15% in your bank account, right?

And this kind of targeting doesn’t lead just more targeted clientele. It also leads to greater and greater numbers of the targeted clientele because the advertising formats we use reward your ads for working well.

Basically, over time, we tweak your ads little by little… change a headline here… a call to action there.

As we split-test your ads, they get better and better results and for the same investment, you get more clients or customers. What’s not to love about that?

Plus many more benefits!

There are some many benefits to the advertising methods we use that this page would be at least ten times as long as it is now. So, let me just list out a few of the major benefits.

  1. It’s laser targeted to demographics. Do you own a bridal shop? We can target your ads to women who recently got engaged or we can place ads on sites like Bridal Bazaar. Why advertise to guys or married women when you don’t have to?
  2. It’s laser targeted geographically. Did you know that 90% or people won’t travel more than 12 miles to go to a restaurant unless it’s for a really special occasion? In fact, for every mile more they have to travel, they’re 20% more less likely to go. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great if you could advertise within like a 3-5 mile radius? Well, we can!
  3. It’s quick to set up. Goozleology can get a basic search network advertising campaign up and running in less than one business day. Unlike the Pennysaver, which only reached a few thousand people to begin with, we can actually reach just about anywhere in the world instantly.
  4. It’s affordable. Unlike TV, radio or print advertising which can cost thousands to set up because you have to buy blocks ahead of time, our advertising starts at as little as $10 per day.
  5. You can advertise all over to your little corner of the world! We can advertise on Google, Facebook, Youtube plus thousands of other sites. If you have an Italian restaurant with amazing Gnocchi, wouldn’t it be awesome to show people in your city a little DIY? How many people are going to salivate over your video, try to make the Gnocchi themselves, discover how hard it is, and eventually decide to simply go to your restaurant? That’s the kind of thing we can do that the Pennysaver never dreamed of.

Here’s what you have to do

If what I said above made sense to you and you wonder if it will work for you, then all you have to do is take five minutes to fill out our discovery form and, if we think we can help, we’ll put together a quick proposal and have a thoughtful conversation with you absolutely free of charge.

And if you choose to try our advertising service, I will give you a $1000 discount!*

It’s that simple!

WARNING! We will not take on competing clients! For instance, we would only take on one DUI attorney in a specific city or one seafood restaurant within a certain radius. So, do not wait to apply because we operate on a strict “first signed, first served” basis.

* 10% discount per month until $1000 total is met

Discover How Google’s “Mobilepocalypse” Update Will Affect Your Site’s Rankings

Discover How Google's "Mobilepocalypse" Update Will Affect Your Site's Rankings

Watch the video below to discover how Google’s next algorithm on April 21, 2015 will affect your site and business. This is widely believed to be bigger and more foundation rocking than both of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates put together so this video will reveal everything that you need to know to make sure that your site is not adversely affected.

After you are done watching the “Mobilepocalypse” video above, enter your URL to the right and click the “Analyze It” button to get a detailed SEO report which will tell you not only if your site is mobile friendly but also everything else you need to do to outrank your competition.


Best SEO Tips and Tricks Weekly Roundup for October 31, 2014

Best SEO Tips and Tricks Weekly Roundup
Here’s our roundup for the best SEO tips and tricks that we’ve come across this week. If you read nothing else, read these articles:

It’s Time To Treat Content As Part Of The User Experience by Ian Lurie on

I don’t know why but it seems that every site owner treats their content like it’s a separate part of their business. I’ve never understood this thinking but I think every aspect of every site (whether it’s off page SEO, developing a SEO checklist, etc) is integral to that site and the SEO process and, if it’s not, it should be cut. Read it here.

Semantic Analytics: How to Track Performance and ROI of Structured Data by Mike Arnesen on

If you are incorporating semantic markup into your site, and you should because it makes your site stand out in the SERPs, then you need to know how to track it’s effectiveness. If you do, you’ll create more engagement with your readers. If you don’t then you competition will simply steal viewers from your site. Read it here.

SEO Must Be About More Than Your Website by Casie Gillette on

“Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.”

Do you know what product that tagline belongs to?

Alka-Seltzer of course!

Do you have a tagline for your business? Or a catchy jiggle? I’ll bet that anyone in San Diego could tell me the phone number to Corky’s Pest Control without having to look it up because they made their radio jingle so catchy.

Well, did you know that while 87% of purchases involve the buyer conducting a search, most of those searches don’t involve brand names? However, companies the incorporate their offline marketing strategies into their SEO have much greater success. Find out how to do it by reading the article.

Tracking Mobile Usability In Webmaster Tools

Over 70% of all web traffic runs over mobile devices so if you don’t know how to track your site’s mobile usability with Google’s Webmaster Tools then you’re losing out on a lot of business, leads and sales. Discover how to track your mobile site data here.

Gmail Messages Now Showing Up In Google Searches

Have you ever noticed that when you’re buying a new car, you seem to see many more cars like the one you want on the road. It’s like if you want to buy a red BMW then the freeways somehow swarm with them. This kind of thing happened to me earlier this week after I read this article. I started seeing my Gmail messages show up in the SERPs whereas I never noticed them before.

Of course, this service is kind of new and I am kind of blind but still, I should have noticed it. Check out this article to discover how it could affect your business.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Updated To Warn About Blocking CSS & JavaScript Files

I’m an SEO expert and even I find it confusing when Google changes the Google Webmaster Guidelines so I won’t call you stupid if you don’t know about their recent changes regarding CSS and JavaScript files. I’ll simply tell you to read this article to discover how it could affect your site’s rankings and how you can determine if your site is being affected rather simply.

Bing Now Lets You Search By Emoji

I’m filing this one under “Interestingly funny but pretty pointless.” Maybe I’m wrong but this kind of smacks of Bing’s inferiority complex driving them to try to be cool but, really, who needs to be able to search with Emojis? Still, it’s interesting.

Using The New Treemaps Report In Google Analytics To Find AdWords Nirvana

Every once in a while, Google comes up with a true game changer and Treemaps looks like it’s going to be one of those. Basically, Treemaps are going to make it much easier to analyze your Adwords ROI and make your advertising campaigns much more effective. Read more here.

Why Did Google’s Pigeon Poop All Over Big Local Brands?

Are you managing a SEO account for a large local brand like Ace Hardware or Pizza Hut and noticed that your clients search engine traffic dropped significantly with the Pigeon update? Well, Andrew Shotland at SEL developed some very sound SEO theories about what caused this and some effective methods to reverse the effects.

Did You Discover Some SEO Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know About? Please Comment Below!

5 Ways Your Online Search Engine Ranking Is Now Affected By Google

5 Ways Your Online Search Engine Ranking Is Now Affected By Google

Not long ago, the Yahoo directory was the #1 way that people found information online and Google was just starting out. Hell, Yahoo wasn’t even worried about this little upstart and even the movies talked about buying Yahoo stock (like Noah Emmerich’s character in 2000’s Frequency.)

Well, in the last 30 days, Yahoo retired their directory and Google released a new update to it’s Panda algorithm. And, on top of that, Google’s search engine has even started presenting a ton of new information like facts, figures, movie times and reviews, etc. directly in it’s search results.

Just check out this search the I did for “baseball movies”…

online search engine ranking


And here’s what happens when you search for the movie Field of Dreams

online search engine ranking


So here are the five ways that your site and online search engine ranking is being affected by Google and what you can do about it.

online-search-engine-ranking-81.    Answer this question, is your site “The Ultimate Driving Machine?”

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t make a silk purse of a sow’s ear.” Well, for some reason, so many businesses that come to us to help them rank their sites simply ignore this saying.

Their sites don’t provide any value and would be judged a poor product if they charged to access it.

Frankly, I don’t understand why business owners do this because it’s not that hard to correct. Just provide value to your visitors.

Are you a plumber? Then show people how to fix a common problem like unplugging a drain.

Are you a chiropractor? Give people some simple practices to reduce back pain.

Why? Because showing people examples rather than just telling people that you’re a great plumber or chiropractor builds trust with your visitors and makes you stand out from your competition who probably aren’t doing this.

2.     Branding is becoming more and more important when it comes to your online search engine ranking

Not long ago, most “SEO experts” taught people to purchase “Exact Match Domains” but we didn’t because we knew that branding would become more important and that for the long-term, an exact match domain wouldn’t work that well.

For example, if Goozleology followed the advice of every other “SEO expert” out there then we would have bought a domain like “” which might be true but looks really weird.

Instead, we simply looked at what huge companies outside of the SEO industry were doing and we discovered that branding was most important because when people naturally link to your site, they use your brand name. And because exact match domain names could be easily ferreted out as “over-optimization”, it seemed pretty logical that Google would eventually crack down on this practice and guess what… they did!


3.     Inbound links are still important but in very different ways

It used to be that you could simply build a thousand links to your website and it would get ranked at the top of the search engines and to a certain extent that’s still true but in vastly different ways. Not to mention that Google is constantly adjusting it’s algorithm to counteract practices link building.

Now, it’s much more important to get high PR links from authority sites. Think of PR like the Richter Scale for earthquakes. A PR2 link is 10 times more powerful than a PR1 and a PR3 is 10 times more powerful than a PR2 and 100 times more powerful than a PR1.

Therefore, you can’t simply buy a bunch of links to your site in a couple of days. If you do that, it will send up a big red flag and get your site thrown in “The Sandbox” which is very difficult to get out of. That’s why, at Goozleology, we use a very different approach to link building.

Check out our recorded webinar (and register for our live webinar) to see how we do it but here are the basics…

  1. We buy a clean, PR6, expiring domain and create related content on that site related to our “money site”
  2. Then we buy about a dozen lower PR2-3 domains and create related content on those sites
  3. We boost the PR of the PR2-3 domains up to PR3-4 by linking the PR6 domain to them
  4. Finally, we link the now PR3-4 sites to our money site

Also, when it comes to the anchor text of those links, you simply have to ask one question, “Does what I’m doing seem natural?”

It could be natural for four out of ten links (40%) to have the anchor text “best SEO in San Diego” when linking to our website because we’ve had clients actually do this by placing links on their sites or sharing our business with their friends. And usually they just copy and paste the same content all over the place so Google wouldn’t think this is weird.

However, if 400 out of 1000 links (also 40%) into our site had the anchor text “best internet search engine optimization” that would really odd and, therefore, a huge mistake. On the other hand, 800 out of 1000 links (80%) with “Goozleology” as the anchor text would be normal because most people link to a business site using the business’ name.

Again, think “What’s natural?”

4. Google is now much more than a search engine

Every day since Google’s last update, we here at Goozleology are discovering new types of search results that Google is displaying because Google hasn’t released a statement detailing everything that’s changed but here are some of the cool things we’ve already found.

For instance, before the last update, if you searched for “MLB schedule” you would then get a list of sites that had the MLB schedule. But now, when you perform that search, the first thing that you see is that Google actually posts the schedule in the SERPs. You no longer have to go to another site…

online search engine ranking

Or if you search for “how many oz in a cup”, you’ll get your answer right away…

online search engine ranking

What about if you want to know about the Enterovirus? Well, right there on the right hand side you can find a definition without having to go to another site like WebMD.

online search engine ranking


And here’s a final example of how things have changed. A simple search for “Dallas Cowboys” give you this…


online search engine ranking5.     You have to be thinking, “Is this NOW mobile friendly?”

It’s pretty simple. Over 60% of Internet searches are now performed on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones and a large percentage of the World can only access the Internet with mobile devices. And now that Google has launched Google Now, which allows people to search not only the Internet but also their calendars, notebooks and contacts plus a lot more, it’s even more important to make sure that your site is mobile friendly or it will get punished by Google because it will be seen as unfresh.

Follow this simple advice and you’ll beat 90% of your competition because, I guarantee that they’re not and their online search engine ranking is suffering because of it. However, if you need help building a better site or getting your wonderful site ranked, apply to work with Goozleology now.

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