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LinkedIn Press Release SEO, Email Marketing & Power User Tips

Press Release SEO, #1 Email Marketing Tip, LinkedIn Power User Tips & MoreDo You Have Any SEO Tips for LinkedIn Press Releases As Well As Others?

Press releases are just like any other content when it comes to ranking. You do have to choose the right keywords and properly optimize the content. But there is one tricky question that needs to be answered first…

Are you using the press releases to attract the press or are you using them to rank your site? Because if it’s the former, then you must think about what a reporter would search for. If it’s the latter, then you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

What Tech Products Do CEOs Like You Use?

Personally, as I stated on Recode, I don’t know how I ever lived without mind-mapping tools like That’s because I’ve always have a hard time explaining to potential clients how my services work. These tools make it possible for them to see everything that needs to be done to rank their sites.

Plus, it’s amazing for the times that I need to hire a freelancer. For example, when I hire professional writers, I send them to a mind-map that details exactly how I expect them to approach their writing. And these mind-maps work for just about every freelancer training. And if my process changes, then I can update the mindmap so that it’s live to all of my freelancers.

What’s Your #1 Email Marketing Tip?

As a digital marketing consultant, I’m always shocked by the overwhelming percentage of new clients that don’t follow the simple AIDA formula when publishing their newsletters or sending emails. If you’re not familiar with AIDA, Alec Baldwin said it best in David Mamet’s Glengary Glenn Ross:

Attention: Every email must grab the recipient’s Attention to get them to open the email. Otherwise nothing in the email matters. Split-testing and tracking the effectiveness of your subject line is critical so that in the future, you can simply copy what worked before.

Interest: A quick headline of less than 80 characters should generate their intrigue and get them asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Decision: Present them with the problem and solution and then ask them to take…

Action: Every email should have some action. “Call us now!” “Check out our site for more great info!” Etc. I can’t even tell you how many emails I receive when I get to the end, I think, “What do you want me to do?”

Segmenting… different offers… testing… Nothing else matters unless AIDA is addressed.

One Linkedin advertising options is right-click
Right-click and choose “Save image URL”

Have You Ever Done A LinkedIn Press Release? Got Any LinkedIn Power User Tips?

Yes I have done a LinkedIn press release before and it wasn’t worth the time, money or effort. But if you want a really effective method to marketing on LinkedIn, check out this other post. I’ve been using this method and it works wonderfully.

Two tips:

  1. Create a customized background that stands out and consider including other contact info in the image. Check out my LinkedIn Profile for an example.
  2. If you are a consultant or freelancer, sign up for the new LinkedIn Pro Finder. It’s free and LinkedIn will send you potential customers that want to receive proposals.

Do You Recommend Attending Conventions or Renting Booths?

As a digital marketer, I used to rent spaces at all types of conventions and I experienced decent results. However, one time I missed a registration deadline to have a booth at one convention here in San Diego.

So, I decided that I would just attend the convention and talk to as many people as I could. Interestingly, my results were far better than when I had a booth. Plus, it cost me less than 1/10th than what I would have paid for the booth.

Now, I’m split-testing both options and so far, it looks like it’s more profitable to simply attend conventions and talk to as many people as possible.

How Does Publishing Content Make You More Attractive to Recruiters?

As an SEO expert, I host Meetups in San Diego. Well, usually I deal with businesses but I was surprised when several recent college grads attended my Meetup to discover ways to market themselves to recruiters. I just never thought about it before.

So, we began to talk about their situations and here’s what I recommended to them:

  • Do a search for every variation of your name. For example, my full name is Edward Michael Brancheau but I usually go by Ed. So here are all of the variations that I should search for (be sure to use quotes):
    • “Ed Brancheau”
    • “Edward M. Brancheau”
    • “Edward Michael Brancheau”
    • “Eddie Brancheau”
    • “Ed Michael Brancheau”
    • “Ed M. Brancheau”
    • “Eddie M. Brancheau”
    • “Edward Brancheau”
    • “Eddie Michael Brancheau”
  • Make a note of the results that show up and clean them up if possible.
  • For those that can’t be cleaned up, create new accounts on those sites and do everything that you can do to help them outrank the other listing. Because what most people don’t know is that Google rarely displays more than result from any one site. So, if you have a Youtube video of you getting blasted at a party, create a new video and get it ranked above the previous video.
  • Start creating new content that shows your love for your profession and ask respected sites in your industry to post your content. You’ll be really surprised at how many sites need fresh content on a regular basis but have a hard time creating it.

BTW, business owners should copy all of the above to essentially “delete” any embarrassing content about themselves.

Weekly Questions: Best LinkedIn Method, Starting a Business & More

Weekly Questions: Best LinkedIn Method, Starting a Business & More

  1. What Is Your Best Social Media Marketing Technique for LinkedIn?
  2. What’s the Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned from Starting a Business?
  3. What Method Must Professional Service Firms Implement Online?
  4. How Can Real Estate Agents or Brokers Waste Less Time With “Tire Kickers”?
  5. Do You Believe Buyer Personas Are Useless?
  6. What Are Your Do’s and Don’ts of Remarketing/Retargeting?
  7. How Do You Make it through Working from Home?

1. What Is Your Best Social Media Marketing Technique for LinkedIn?

As I informed Andy Nathan, I utilize an approach on LinkedIn to create lots of high-quality leads for free (and here’s another LinkedIn advertising method I use). Plus, I began doing all this on my own and I simply invested my time. However, nowadays, I have an outsourcer in the Philippines do it for me. Here’s my approach:

1.       I connect with entrepreneurs throughout Southern California (I began by connecting to company owners who are likewise USC alumni). I have found that about 1/3 will agree to connect with me. Usually, I just say something like, “Hi ____, I noticed that we share some common interests and I would like to add you to my LinkedIn network.”

2.       A week after connecting with them, I send out a brief message that merely states that I look forward to getting to know them better. And under my signature, I have an inconspicuous link to my website.

3.       About two weeks later, I send them a quick message about a post that I discovered that I believe they might find beneficial to their business. It doesn’t really matter what it is about as long as it’s business related and not from my site.

4.       A month after the last message, I send out a phone chat request. I make it clear that I’m just reaching out to my LinkedIn connections to get to know them better. Plus, I let them know that it’s not a sales call. Just a friendly chat sometime in the next week. And to make the scheduling really easy, I provide a link to my calendar scheduler,, so that I don’t have to go back and forth with, “Are you free on Thursday at 2pm?” “No, can you do Wednesday at 10am?”

This basic technique produces lots of hot leads because of two factors. One, the majority of business owners end up asking me several questions about my services. And two, all company owners can think of at least a few other business owners that require my services. So, I tell them about my affiliate program.

2. What’s the Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned from Starting a Business?

What’s the Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned from Starting a Business?When starting a new business, entrepreneurs will often “take on anyone” willing to pay because they need to money. Of course, most clients won’t be a problem but there’s a large enough percentage that can destroy your business before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

It’s simple.

Think about when a brand new high-scale restaurant opens its doors for the first time. And the first person through the door thinks your customer service sucks. So, they give you a two-star rating. And because you have no other reviews, everyone sees you as a two-star restaurant charging five-star prices. How do you think that will work out?

I know of what I speak because I’ve been through the experience of having a horrible first client. He completely wore me out and had me thinking about quitting. I’d go as far as to say that it’s critical to avoid bad apples when you start. Trust your gut and refuse to work with those that pose even a little twinge. Even now, I refuse to work with people that give me a bad feeling because the three times I ignored my gut, I ended up firing them as clients.

By the way, Biggest Lesson #1A that I learned is to fire clients when they become problems because if you don’t, they’ll suck up your time and energy.

3. What Method Must Professional Service Firms Implement Online?

My clients and I have discovered a couple of methods that have delivered 600% ROI.

First, inbound marketing attracts the highest quality traffic to their site then pre-qualifies the leads before my clients contact them. For instance, one client has discovered that if a website visitor visits five pages on their site then they can convert 90% into clients. However, he must call them within 8 minutes! As time passes, the conversion rate drops.

He also discovered that a person that visits four pages on his site only converts about 45% of the time. Plus, it takes him about 3X more calls. So, whenever somebody visits five pages, my client’s sales team gets an email and text message to contact the person immediately. And they get 600% better results. That’s what makes inbound marketing so powerful.

goldilocksSecond, I teach my clients how to find “Goldilocks” keywords to build their site around. For example, I had a realtor that wanted to rank #1 for “San Diego realtor”. When I informed her that it would cost about $12,000 per month and would take 18 months to get ranked, she nearly had a heart attack. But I told her, “Don’t worry, I have a better plan. Why don’t we focus on ‘realtor 92122’ since that’s where you live? That would only be $2000 per month over 7 months.”

In her case, she went beyond her competition and created a bunch of content on her site that talked about everything in University City (92122). The restaurants. The schools. The markets. I grew up there and she showed me things I never knew about. And when they visit four pages on her site, she gets an email and text message to contact them.

Oh, and she’s got more than enough business that she’s starting her own agency. Plus, she doesn’t have to drive all over town anymore.

4. How Can Real Estate Agents or Brokers Waste Less Time With “Tire Kickers”?

Tire KickersAlthough I’m not a real estate agent or broker, I’ve helped dozens of them across Southern California to grow their businesses. And what I’ve discovered by helping them is that they waste so much time contacting “tire kickers”. They’ll receive a lead from Zillow or and call the lead only to discover that the lead isn’t that interested and is now getting bombarded by phone calls.

And it’s common to have realtors tell me, “People scream at me because I’m like the 100th realtor to call them.” That can’t be fun at all. So, I teach them how to use inbound marketing to attract the right people to their site. Through inbound marketing, they only contact “hot leads” that have downloaded a guide and visited X number of pages. This method frees up time and get much better results.

5. Do You Believe Buyer Personas Are Useless?

Useless? Absolutely not!

Personas help business owners put themselves in their buyer’s shoes and think about them when addressing them.

Additionally, from a SEO point of view, I can take one piece of content written for one persona and rewrite it for another persona. Now, that one piece of content can attract twice as many visitors.

However, I think too many business owners get stuck creating too many personas. Therefore, I tell my clients to only create personas for the demographics that are larger than 20% otherwise you’ll suffer from the Law of Diminishing Returns.

6. What Are Your Do’s and Don’ts of Remarketing/Retargeting?

Make sure that you test and optimize your ad frequency cap. After all, you do want to convert as many of your previous visitors into paying clients. However, you also don’t want to annoy them so much that they decide to block your ad or vow to never return to your site.

Furthermore, Facebook video marketing is extremely effective because you can track how long someone has viewed your video. And then you can remarket/retarget only those that watched a significant portion of the video. After all, if a Facebook user only watches five seconds, they’re probably not interested. So why spend your money advertising to them further.

However, someone that watches two minutes is very interested but might have gotten distracted as people so often do on Facebook. They are worth remarketing/retargeting because they’ll lead to much higher conversion rates and a greater ROI.

7. How Do You Make it through Working from Home?

I’ve developed three methods to make working from home much easier:

  1. I never answer personal calls. Plus, I use Twilio and OpenVBX to have all phone calls routed to my cell so that I know whether a call is personal or business.
  2. As I mentioned to Christina DeBusk at Businessing, I have a big ass sign on my home office door that says “WORKING” in huge red letters. That way, my family knows that they should not bother me unless the house is on fire or someone’s cut off a leg.
  3. I “block time” for particular jobs. For instance, using a method that I learned from The 4-Hour Work Week, I set aside 30 minutes at 9am and 1pm to check my e-mail. Then I make follow-up calls from 9:30am until about 10:30am. And it does not matter exactly what the length of the blocks are: 15, 30, 60 minutes, and so on. I think it’s a little weird but a buddy of mine blocks out 53 minutes of work followed by 17 minute breaks (he does not have kids however.)

Let’s face reality, most of us decide to start home-based businesses for the flexibility they provide to our schedules. However, without structure, the threat is that our loved ones can be substantial “time vampires”. You need to ensure that they understand that they need to treat you like you were still working at “the office”.

Discover How Google’s “Mobilepocalypse” Update Will Affect Your Site’s Rankings

Discover How Google's "Mobilepocalypse" Update Will Affect Your Site's Rankings

Watch the video below to discover how Google’s next algorithm on April 21, 2015 will affect your site and business. This is widely believed to be bigger and more foundation rocking than both of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates put together so this video will reveal everything that you need to know to make sure that your site is not adversely affected.

After you are done watching the “Mobilepocalypse” video above, enter your URL to the right and click the “Analyze It” button to get a detailed SEO report which will tell you not only if your site is mobile friendly but also everything else you need to do to outrank your competition.


19 Great Articles About The Best Link Building Strategies For 2014 And Beyond

19 Great Articles About The Best Link Building Strategies For 2014 And Beyond

It seems that every day I visit an SEO forum and there’s always a question about the best “link building strategies” for 2014. Actually, make that “questions.”

“What are the best SEO link building strategies?”

“How do I buy quality backlinks to my site?”

“What should the breakdown of my backlinks be?”

“Should I use anchor text in all of my backlinks or just a few of them?”

“How do I hire the best SEO optimization services?”

Link Building Strategies for 2014, 2015 and Beyond

Well, personally, I believe that the best link building strategies for 2014 and beyond should be broken down into two segments: link building and “link earning.”

My view is that link building refers to any link that you create on another site linking back to your site whereas link earning pertains to any links that others create linking to your site.

For example, when I give helpful advice on forums, post comments on blogs, or write guest posts for other sites, I’m link building. Yet, when I write content on my site and somebody links to it because they liked it, then that’s link earning and frankly, it’s the absolute best, most effective SEO strategy for 2014.

Link earning can be as simple as asking your visitors to share your page with their friends on Facebook. Or it can be a little more proactive like notifying the experts that you quoted know about your citation. For example, after I finish publishing this post, I send a DM to each expert I quoted on Twitter to let the know about it. At least 1/3 of the time, those experts send a tweet out to their readers which is a link to my site. Then those new visitors often retweet the content again. There’s more links.

However, most people out there on the Intertubes simply refer to all of this as link building so I’ve put together a list of 19 articles that will be answer all of your questions regarding beginner to advanced link building strategies. Enjoy!

  • best link building strategies for 2014

    The Beginner's Guide to Link Building by Paddy Moogan

    This is the quintessential beginner’s guide to building backlinks to your site. Everyone that wants to boost the traffic to their site and achieve higher rankings in the SERPs needs to read this guide at least once a year.

  • null

    The Noob Guide to Link Building by iPullRank

    So you’re a noob to link building and you might even be wondering how does SEO work. No problem! At one time every SEO expert was a noob. Well iPullRank does an excellent job showing you the best ways to get started with the latest link building strategies.

  • link building tools

    Advanced Guide to Link Building by Neil Patel

    First of all, don’t the “advanced” in the title scare you off. Neil just happens to be one of the best SEO teachers out there because he makes the topic fun while achieving amazing results. Honestly, I review Neil’s guide once a month but it’s so damn good.

  • link building tools

    The Death of Link Building and the Rebirth of Link Earning - Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fiskin

    If you haven’t already heard of Rand Fiskin’s “Whiteboard Friday”, do yourself a favor and make sure that you watch every single one because each week, he explains different aspects of SEO in a simple, straightforward style. In this particular video, he gives a comprehensive definition of “link earning” and explains some of the best way to earn links.

  • link building seo

    6 Awesome Link Building Tips For Increasing Website Visibility by Alan Muther

    I just came across this article a few days ago because it was recommended by a friend. Well, I’m glad a took the time to read it because it revealed three tactics that I had never heard of before. I especially like the tactic about creating audio clips on Bandcamp. Since I’m not a musician, I had never heard of Bandcamp before but I can see how it could be one of the most effective link building strategies.

  • Casie Gillette

    10 Questions To Ask When Creating A Link Building Campaign by Casie Gillette

    Look before you leap! That’s exactly what this article will show you how to do so that you develop a plan and find backlinks for your site.

    Take a break from your Walking Dead binge about the zombie apocalypse to discover how to build backlinks that will help you survive the coming Google apocalypse.

  • link building tools

    SEO for Business Explained: A Conversation With Rand Fishkin

    If you have an already established business, then you have to be much more concerned with destroying it because you might have employees whose lives depend on it. Well, Rand shot this video to explain how to use SEO to grow your business instead of destroying it.

  • link building in 2014

    The Local Link Building Guide of 2014 by Greg Smith

    Do you have a local business that you’d like to rank higher in the search engines? Well then, local sites have to take a slightly different approach with cost effective SEO to make sure that they show up in the search engines without spending a butt-load of money.

  • link building packages

    For Every Link You Earn There Are Five More Worth Building by Jon Ball by Jon Ball

    How do you cut through all of the noise out there to get your message across to your readers? Well, you do this by creating “earned links” that get people talking.

  • null

    7 Natural Link Building Strategies for 2014 and 2015 by Lasya K

    Matt Cutts over at Google said it best with regards to natural backlinking, “The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”, the objective is that your links are natural.” The problem was that he never showed people how to create natural backlinks whereas Lasya does!

  • Kevin Gibbons

    14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014 by Kevin Gibbons

    Here’s another great article to really get you started on the right foot if you haven’t done any link building before. You’ll learn just about all of the basics for long-term SEO success.

  • link building tools

    All Links are Not Created Equal: 10 Illustrations on Search Engines' Valuation of Links by Rand Fiskin

    Rand makes my list again because he knows his shit! And, in this article, he reveals how certain types of links are better than others and how you can build these more valuable links to your site.

  • link building uk

    Link Building Post-Penguin 3.0: 6 Ways To Earn High-Quality Links by Jayson DeMers

    With the most recent Google Penguin update, it’s critical that you change the way you think about link building. Jayson tells you not only why but how to do things the right way to say on Google’s good side.

  • link building australia

    12 Link Building Strategies that Actually Work by Lukasz Zeleny

    Like in baseball, you shouldn’t try to win the game by cheating because that will just get you banned. However, you should try to uncover all of the best methods to insure success.

    For example, sliding head first into first base has been proven time and again to take longer than running through the bag but there’s always somebody that tries to do it anyway. Well, have you ever seen anyone called safe after sliding into first? Nope!

    With SEO, there’s a lot of advice that’s the equivalent of telling people to slide head first into first base. This is not the case with Lukasz advice.

  • link building ideas

    High-Value Tactics, Future-Proof Link Building - Whiteboard Friday by Cyrus Shepard

    I love White Board Friday which is probably why they keep showing up on my lists. Hell, they’ve even showed up multiple times in this post. In this video, Cyrus details the process to make sure that your links get indexed and that you don’t get penalized later.

  • link building websites

    5 Crucial Link Building Strategies After Google Panda 4.1 by Rizvan Ullah

    What is Google looking for after the Panda 4.1 update and how can you give it to them so that they reward you handsomely? Read the freaking article and find out!

  • link building sites

    6 Crucial Link Building Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic by Pratik Dholakiya

    Pratik is so pratikal when it comes to link building. He doesn’t tell you to buy quality backlinks or use some pricey backlink software. He shows you how to do it effectively on your own without spending a dime.

  • Discussion on Latest Link Building Strategies with Marketing Experts

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Planet Web Solutions interviewed a couple dozen top SEO experts and edited their answers down into top quality advice. It’s a little dense (reading-wise) but it’s highly informative.

  • The New Link Building Survey 2014 - Results

    A few months back, conducted a thorough survey of SEO experts to see how they were planning to link build in 2014 and beyond. Then they published an very influential infographic that you need to check out.

Best SEO Tips and Tricks Weekly Roundup for October 31, 2014

Best SEO Tips and Tricks Weekly Roundup
Here’s our roundup for the best SEO tips and tricks that we’ve come across this week. If you read nothing else, read these articles:

It’s Time To Treat Content As Part Of The User Experience by Ian Lurie on

I don’t know why but it seems that every site owner treats their content like it’s a separate part of their business. I’ve never understood this thinking but I think every aspect of every site (whether it’s off page SEO, developing a SEO checklist, etc) is integral to that site and the SEO process and, if it’s not, it should be cut. Read it here.

Semantic Analytics: How to Track Performance and ROI of Structured Data by Mike Arnesen on

If you are incorporating semantic markup into your site, and you should because it makes your site stand out in the SERPs, then you need to know how to track it’s effectiveness. If you do, you’ll create more engagement with your readers. If you don’t then you competition will simply steal viewers from your site. Read it here.

SEO Must Be About More Than Your Website by Casie Gillette on

“Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.”

Do you know what product that tagline belongs to?

Alka-Seltzer of course!

Do you have a tagline for your business? Or a catchy jiggle? I’ll bet that anyone in San Diego could tell me the phone number to Corky’s Pest Control without having to look it up because they made their radio jingle so catchy.

Well, did you know that while 87% of purchases involve the buyer conducting a search, most of those searches don’t involve brand names? However, companies the incorporate their offline marketing strategies into their SEO have much greater success. Find out how to do it by reading the article.

Tracking Mobile Usability In Webmaster Tools

Over 70% of all web traffic runs over mobile devices so if you don’t know how to track your site’s mobile usability with Google’s Webmaster Tools then you’re losing out on a lot of business, leads and sales. Discover how to track your mobile site data here.

Gmail Messages Now Showing Up In Google Searches

Have you ever noticed that when you’re buying a new car, you seem to see many more cars like the one you want on the road. It’s like if you want to buy a red BMW then the freeways somehow swarm with them. This kind of thing happened to me earlier this week after I read this article. I started seeing my Gmail messages show up in the SERPs whereas I never noticed them before.

Of course, this service is kind of new and I am kind of blind but still, I should have noticed it. Check out this article to discover how it could affect your business.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Updated To Warn About Blocking CSS & JavaScript Files

I’m an SEO expert and even I find it confusing when Google changes the Google Webmaster Guidelines so I won’t call you stupid if you don’t know about their recent changes regarding CSS and JavaScript files. I’ll simply tell you to read this article to discover how it could affect your site’s rankings and how you can determine if your site is being affected rather simply.

Bing Now Lets You Search By Emoji

I’m filing this one under “Interestingly funny but pretty pointless.” Maybe I’m wrong but this kind of smacks of Bing’s inferiority complex driving them to try to be cool but, really, who needs to be able to search with Emojis? Still, it’s interesting.

Using The New Treemaps Report In Google Analytics To Find AdWords Nirvana

Every once in a while, Google comes up with a true game changer and Treemaps looks like it’s going to be one of those. Basically, Treemaps are going to make it much easier to analyze your Adwords ROI and make your advertising campaigns much more effective. Read more here.

Why Did Google’s Pigeon Poop All Over Big Local Brands?

Are you managing a SEO account for a large local brand like Ace Hardware or Pizza Hut and noticed that your clients search engine traffic dropped significantly with the Pigeon update? Well, Andrew Shotland at SEL developed some very sound SEO theories about what caused this and some effective methods to reverse the effects.

Did You Discover Some SEO Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know About? Please Comment Below!

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