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Choosing Niche Markets, Business Names & Groupon Deals

Choosing Niche Markets, Business Names & Groupon Deals

Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Your Business Name

Picking Your Business Name
Picking Your Business Name

As a digital marketer, I see businesses make a lot of mistakes when they choose business names. Some like tying their business to a particular location (i.e. “90210 Cafe”). Some include a family name in the business’ name which makes it really hard to ever relocate or sell the business at a later date.

After all, if you call you business “90210 Cafe” then you can only be located in 90210. Even worse is when they name their business after an address.

And the only time you should name your business after your family name is if you own a business that is really tied to you. For example, a law firm can’t really be sold at a later date because when a partner leaves then the firm’s “product” has fundamentally changed.

Reporter’s Question About Realtors / Brokers Who Have Chosen a Niche Market

Realtor Niche Markets
Realtor Niche Markets

To the reporter: I’m not a realtor but as an digital marketer, I conducted a three hour webinar that focused on helping realtors choose niches to increase their sales. Many of the realtors on the webinar reported significant increases in sales and a few of them completely dominant their markets. If you’d like to check out the webinar, you can view it here:

Now to help with your article if you’d like to include my non-realtor expertise:

The biggest mistake that realtors make when the market online is not narrowing their niche significantly. Most think, “Well, I can sell any type of home anywhere in San Diego so that’s what I’m going to do.” The problem with this method is that then you’re fighting the likes of and Zillow. And you simply won’t beat them without spending millions of dollars.

However, if you pick a single zip code or type of home (i.e. luxury, green, condos, etc) or even a specific type of home within a neighborhood, you’ll have a lot less competition. And even though Google’s keyword tools might tell you that nobody’s searching for that small of a niche, that’s generally not accurate.

For example, a client in Sarasota, FL, focuses on “luxury green homes in Sarasota” and Google says nobody searches for that term. Well, every month his site gets about 200 people wanting to buy luxury green homes in Sarasota. And because he’s #1, he routinely gets about 4-6 clients from his site each month. And that’s just his site. Since he began tightly focusing his business, he’s increased his sales by about 400%.

Do Deal-of-the-Day Sites Work for Small Businesses?

Deal of the Day Sites
Deal of the Day Sites

Here’s the short answer: It depends.

Most people have probably heard the horror stories like the cupcake shop that launched a deal on Groupon and then had so many orders sold at a loss that they went out

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