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Content Marketing San Diego | Strategy & Plan

Content Marketing San Diego | Strategy & Plan

Content Marketing Strategy: Choosing Topics to Create Content About

“Success is one percent inspiration, ninety eight percent perspiration and two percent attention to detail”

~ Phil Dunphy, Philsosophy

First off, there are many types of online marketing strategies but there are not many that achieve a higher ROI than content marketing. Now, before you get all worked up with fear, let me just say that creating content for your site will probably one of the easiest things that you have to do for your business.

I’m one of those people that believes very few businesses are rely built upon true innovation. Instead, dominance in business relies upon simply doing things better than your competition. Look…

Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile… Karl Benz did. Ford just produced high quality automobiles much faster because of the production line.

Sergei Brin didn’t invent the search engine… Alan Emtage did (and didn’t make a dime off his invention). Hell, he didn’t even start the 2nd or 3rd search engine. Google came to the game relatively late but then dominated.

Even Mark Zuckerberg didn’t invent social networks (if you even believe he invented Facebook in the first place)… MySpace and Friendster already existed. But now Facebook is the second largest site in the world and while MySpace and Friendster still exist, does anyone even use them anymore?

My point with all of this is that being “original” is wildly overrated.
If everything had to be truly original, there would be no Shakespeare (because he retold stories), there would be no Mona Lisa (because others had done portraits) or, even worse, there would be no Godfather (because other gangster books and movies had been written and filmed before.)

So, when it comes to deciding on a marketing penetration strategy and creating content for your site, you don’t need have to create something original. All you have to do is copy what your competition is doing and do it bigger and better. And often, all that requires is putting your own spin on things. Frankly, when you start researching your competition to come up with advertisement ideas, you’ll be amazing at how terrible their content is.

And here’s the basic breakdown of the process of how to market a product or service through content creation that I go in to more detail in the video above:

  1. Search for your main keyword on Google. In the example, we are using “La Jolla jewelry”
  2. Copy the domains of 10 of your top competitors.
    1. Skip the “snack pack” map listings and the big, kind of unrelated sites like Yelp, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc.
    2. You’re looking for only those that are closely related to your business. If you’re local, focus on local competitors. If you’re statewide, focus on other businesses that are also statewide.
    3. Also, don’t go any deeper than #20 in Google’s listings. So, if you don’t find 10 true competitors i the first 20 listings, just work with what you got because, if they aren’t in the top 20, their not really “competition”.
  3. Pop their URLs into SEMrush to find out which of their pages are ranking and for what terms.
  4. Filter out the pages that are not getting them any traffic.
  5. Create bigger and better content than what they’ve posted and gotten ranked. You’ll probably be surprised how crappy their content is.
  6. Rinse and repeat until you have more content than your competition and you’re dominating them.

Again, business owners tend to fear content marketing and creating content for their sites because they don’t understand that it’s really not that difficult. In fact, even without this handy video and strategy, you don’t have to over-think it. Just start creating content.

Trust Your Gut… And Don’t Worry About Embarrassing Yourself

Look, you already know your business better than anyone that is going to visit your site because that’s why they’re visiting your site. You don’t really need any branding companies or specialists when it comes to content marketing. So, just be the authority that you already are and don’t be afraid of looking bad or sounding dumb because the only person that sees you that way is you.

And here’s a funny little story to reinforce my point…

About 15 years ago, I was working in the film industry for the producers of The Fugitive, Se7en, and Platoon. Well, I got to work on the script for The Devil’s Advocate and so I was invited to the premiere. When I was there, I got to meet one of my favorite actors. No… not Keanu Reeves. I got to meet Al “You’re out of order” Pacino.

I asked him if he liked the movie and he said, “I’ve only seen one of my movies in my life, The Godfather. And that was only because it won Best Picture. I can’t stand watching myself because I’m too self-conscious. Ew-Aw!”

OK, I added the Ew-Aw, but my point is that if one of the greatest actors of any generation is self-conscious then it’s OK for you to be as well. Pacino just doesn’t let it stop him from creating amazing films. Don’t let it stop you from creating great content for your site suing this content marketing method.


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