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By Ed Brancheau | Social Media Marketing

The Problem with FAQ; The #1 Tool That I Use for Social Media; and Working with Freelancers

How do you choose which FAQ to address?

First, you’re probably overthinking it because you already know the FAQ unless you just started your business. But if you really don’t know, I suggest that you go to Quora and search for your main topic.

However, FAQ are generally not the best questions to answer. Instead, create a list of Should Ask Questions (SAQ) that will resonate better with your clients. These are the questions that you know your potential clients should be asking you instead of the questions they always ask.

And, even better, is to take each FAQ and transform it into a SAQ (“because” is the best transformer.) For example:

FAQ: Why is your ____ service so expensive?

SAQ: Why does your _____ service achieve a higher ROI than your competition?

Answer: Our comprehensive SEO service is very affordable because we achieve a 500% ROI whereas our competitors only employ link building which achieves minimal results.

What Social Media Tool Can You Not Live Without?

As a digital marketer that needs to stay on top of everything happening in online marketing, I rely heavily on BuzzSumo so that I can be sure to see the cream that rises to the top. With it, I can quickly make sure that I am always reading the best content before poking around the rest of the market for more info.

Plus, I also recommend using it to discover the top three social media platforms that you should be focusing you time on. For instance, while Goozleology has automation set up to make sure all of our social media accounts are updated, we really focus on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. We focus on these three because that’s where 80% of our target market hangs out online. However, if you own a dress shop, you might discover that Pinterest is where you need to be active.

Do You Work with Freelancers?



We hire the appropriate people for the job.

For content, we hire college students in the United States so that we get well-written articles. And if we need something specific (like a scientific article), we’ll find students in that area of interest.

If we need an account manager to oversee a project, we’ll hire a freelancer that lives in the same country as our client so that there are no time or language barriers.

We do this because our growing business needs the flexibility to save money on things like web design. Freelancers give us that ability. But we also hire locally for the same service when we have local clients for which non-US designers simply don’t understand.

That said, we also understand that some business owners only want to hire people in the United States. We can accommodate you too because we have plenty of wonderful people in the U.S.

Here’s a good video I discovered that will show you how to hire freelancers yourself:

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