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How Tracking ROI, Blogging & Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

How Tracking ROI, Blogging & Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

Successful Marketing Experts & Business Owners All Track Their ROI

My #1 tip to all business owners? Track everything and calculate the ROI on every marketing method you employ.

I help a lot of Realtors market their businesses and I’m always amazed that they rarely track anything. For example, they all have bus stop bench ads but they don’t really know if they work. They just think they work.

But with services like Twilio and CallFire, it’s so easy to have a different phone number for each advertising opportunity and forward them all to one phone number. Then each week you can see how many phone calls or sales each method generates and which returns the best ROI. And usually they discover that the methods they thought were working are just a waste of money.

And when I set up a site for them and optimize it, I always make sure that I embed a traceable phone number because I want to prove to them that we’re producing solid results.

How Blogging Can Help Your Small Business

So many of my new clients come to me with the desire to set up a blog for their business. They believe that it’s some magical pill that will generate a bunch of new sales. But it’s not that simple.

You see blogging can help with building trust with your customers and engaging them if done correctly. But if you don’t take the time to do it correctly, then you’d actually be better off not blogging.

The most common quality of all successful blogs

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