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We can develop your online marketing plan, organize the resources, identify deficiencies, launch and execute a plan that fits your budget.


Are you a nonprofit in needs of an advertising push? We help nonprofit 501c3 organizations acquire and utilize $10,000 to $40,000 in Google AdWords every month.


Having substantial content on your site is critical for ranking in search engines and engaging your audience. But what if you don’t have the time?


Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of your websites data so that we can understand and optimizing your site for search engines and your visitors.


A website is about providing information to the visitor/user in the best possible and most efficient manner. Each of these elements is a representation of information.


You have to know what your customers are saying about you. You need a reputation monitor that can alert you 24/7 to potential problems.


We show you exactly how we rank our clients at the top of search engine results. We hold FREE webinars often and then post the videos online.

When It Comes To SEO In San Diego, Nobody Compares To Goozleology

Raise your search engine results positioning to increase the visibility of your brand and make more sales.

  • As a Certified Google Partner, we provide SEO solutions to make your site, brand or product rise to the top of Google results and reduce your advertising costs.
  • We dominate the first page of Google with multiple results about your business
  • We help you get more customers without having to pay for online advertising
  • We position your website with the services that distinguish you from your competitors

Ranking Your Web Pages In The Search Engines Is Critical Your Online Success

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of optimizing your site and the links to your site so that it shows up higher in the “organic” results. Organic? Those are the non-advertising results that show up when you search for a keyword. They’re the free results, and they are sometimes called “natural” results as well.

There are several factors that determine how high your site will rank, and there is one thing that you can do yourself: publish high-quality content on a regular basis.

We can perform all of the content writing for your site, but we find that businesses that publish content that they create performs much better. And, at the very least, if you have us create the content, rewrite it to make sure that everything reflects your business’ philosophy and personality.

Long gone are the days when nefarious methods like keyword stuffing used to work. Today, SEO is much more difficult to do ethically which is why we create a detailed digital blueprint before we even choose domain names let alone building sites and boosting them in the search engines.

If our SEO philosophy makes sense to you and you’re interested in working with Goozleology, please fill out our Discovery Form so we can determine if we’re both a good fit for each other.

Where Goozleology makes a huge difference in your site’s rankings is that we put in a great deal of time to optimize your site’s code and content. But, even more importantly, we create several high-quality and authoritative sites related to your niche, and then we link them to your site.

In the world of SEO, each link to your website is an endorsement of your site. But, just like in the “real world”, some endorsements are better than others. For example, if you bought a new pair of basketball shoes and told some guys on the court that you don’t know how great they are, they’re still not likely to buy. However, if Lebron James does a commercial endorsing those same shoes, sales will go through the roof.

Well, the same thing happens online in a way. Google tracks all of the links into your site and, everything else being equal, the site with more links gets ranked higher.

But it’s not quite that simple because…

Google looks at two things:

  • The “trust” and “authority” of the site linking to yours
  • How related the linking site is to your site

For example, if you have a financial website, a link from the Wall Street Journal would be far more powerful than Joe’s Money Blog. Because while both are related to your site, the WSJ is an authority.

And while a link from the WSJ to Goozleology would be great, it wouldn’t provide as much “juice” to our site as it would yours. Likewise, a link from would be much better for our site than yours.

search engine optimizer
The WSJ has really high Trust Flow because it’s the authority in financial matters

paid search
This site is related to the WSJ but doesn’t have the seem trust.

Authority Plus Relatedness

This brings us back to how Goozleology’s process works. We actually build and maintain powerful sites that are related to your site and then we link them to your site. And we repeat this process until you are beating the hell out of your competition.

Achieving high rankings requires a great deal of time to build powerful links and optimize your site’s code and content. But once completed, you will enjoy these benefits:

— You will receive visitors to your site without paid search advertising
— These visitors will be highly targeted to your business because they are searching for your product or service
— You can monopolize Google’s search results (plus Bing and Yahoo)

Some clients desire higher rankings in Google because that means more income. Others simply want to be “the first in Google” for branding purposes. Well, our SEO service achieve both objectives.

Analysis of Your Competition

No matter if you have a site with lots of traffic or are new to the Internet, an analysis of your competition reveals the strategy to take that will help us outrank your competition.

If our SEO philosophy makes sense to you and you’re interested in working with Goozleology, please fill out our Discovery Form so we can determine if we’re both a good fit for each other.

Generating Optimized Content

There Are Three Types of Internet Content:

  • Content created purely to rank high in search engines. You’ve probably come across content like this which is ranked high in the search results but makes no sense when you read it.
  • Content that is valuable to the visitor but never gets viewed because it’s not optimized and, therefore, does not show up high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  • Content that is high-quality and valuable to the visitor and that is also optimized so that they find it.

Of course, as an expert search engine optimizer, we prefer the third option because Google searchers can find it and receive an enjoyable experience when they visit it.

Optimization of Internal Factors

We build sites with super clean code and for established sites we can repair code and content errors that negatively affect the positioning of your website. Often, bad coding can prevent your site from ranking, so it’s crucial to fix. This has to be completed before you even think about search engine submission for your first page.

Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO in San Diego (we can help businesses nationwide), you can be a baker, accountant or doctor, but if you want positioning online, you need to meet the interests, needs and desires of your audience. Identifying and exploiting search keywords is 50% scientific research and 50% art. Goozleology has the balance to uncover the diamonds that will propel your site to the top of Google’s results.

Web Analytics

Of course, after we set the ball rolling, it’s important to track results using web analytics for two reasons:

  1. We want to make sure that we are doing things right
  2. New keywords will be revealed as to how people are finding your site and what you should be adding to your site

If our SEO philosophy makes sense to you and you’re interested in working with Goozleology, please fill out our Discovery Form so we can determine if we’re both a good fit for each other.

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