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Why We Are The Best SEO Company In San Diego County

Honestly, while we believe that we are the best SEO company in San Diego County, do a search for “San Diego SEO” and we are not #1. We’re not even in the top 100 for that term. And there are a few reasons for that:

  1. We focus on “buyer keywords” like “best SEO company in San Diego County” because people searching for that term (probably even you) want to hire the best company for their search engine optimization needs.
  2. People searching for more general terms like “San Diego SEO” could be looking to hire a company, but that are just as likely to be interested in SEO events in San Diego.
  3. While we do work on ranking our site, our clients’ sites take 99% of our time. We’re kind of like the home contractor that builds amazing homes but whose own house is in need of some TLC.

Yet, Here’s Why We Are Certain That We Are The Best SEO Company In San Diego County

We completely understand that there are numerous agencies that have been around longer than Goozleology and that even outrank us because we are much newer. But here’s why we believe that we can lay claim to being the best SEO company in San Diego County:

    1. In a short amount of time, we’ve nabbed the #1 spots on Google from our competitors.
    2. We have terrific mentors that rank #1 in NYC, Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and about two dozen other most populous cities in America.
best seo company in san diego
Why are we the best SEO company in San Diego? Because we’re not ranked #1 but we are learning from Kotton Grammer, an SEO expert ranking #1 in cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando and others. As you can see, he has two of the top 10 spots. Sign with us now before we’re #1 and you’ll save big time!

And here are some other results for Kotton and our other mentors, including Gregory Ortiz:

Therefore, it’s only a matter of time that we’ll be outranking our San Diego competition for the most competitive SEO terms.

But because we aren’t #1 quite yet, you’ll get a much better deal while, at the same time, placing the best SEO company in San Diego County in your corner. Honestly, our mentors charge 3-4 times what we charge because they have much more demand for the same amount of supply. So, simple supply and demand dictates that they can charge much more.

Granted, there are other SEO companies in San Diego that have better brands than Goozleology. But you have to ask yourself this question, “Do I really need to pay for a Bentley when a Mercedes will do just as well?”

And frankly, we believe that Goozleology is as good as, if not better than, every SEO agency in Southern California, not just San Diego County. But we’ll cost you a fraction of the price until we outrank our competitors. At that point, we’ll be charging 3-4 times what we charge now.

Our SEO Process Starts With A Digital Marketing Blueprint

Most of our competitors jump into link building to boost their clients’ sites rankings and this is certainly a powerful, short-term strategy. But our mentors, who rank #1 in New York and Chicago (much larger cities than San Diego), have taught us a more effective method that does take a little longer to accomplish but achieves much greater and longer lasting success.

And this process begins with our digital marketing blueprint which is similar to the blueprint of a house. Discover more about it here, but basically, this blueprint will show you exactly what needs to be done, by when, and by whom to build a website that will likely never get taken down by your competitors. Essentially, it’s a blueprint to build one of the Great Pyramids which still stand 5,000 years later.

We Then Build A Network Empire… Not Just A Website

How our digital marketing blueprint is laid out
This is how Goozleology intertwines everything to create a network empire (click the image to enlarge)

Once the digital marketing blueprint is finished, we will give your site an honest assessment. Is it fine? Does it need some tweaking? Or does it need to be torn down and rebuilt?

Frankly, some homes just need a new paint job while others have such huge structural problems that they need to be condemned. And we truly believe that most business owners have a strong gut feeling about whether their site properly represents their business.

Look, unless you have an e-commerce site, your website WILL NOT make more sales for your business.

But a beautiful, easy to use site WILL get you “up to the plate” more often which will lead to more “hits.” That means more sales.

Conversely, a poor looking site can lead to fewer sales because it will turn possible customers off to your brand.

And creating a “Network Empire” is even more important today because your prospective customers are hanging out on other sites that probably did not even exist ten years ago. Which is why we begin by determining where your customers spend their time and where they don’t. Because it’s a common misconception that a business needs to have a presence on every social media site and that’s just not true.

A lawyer doesn’t need to be on Facebook or Twitter, but they do need to be on LinkedIn.

Conversely, a restauranteur doesn’t need to be on LinkedIN but they might need to be on Instagram.

With our Network Empire, you’ll only be spending time on sites that make a difference to your bottom line.

The #1 Reason That We Are The Best SEO Company In San Diego County Is…

We know that we don’t know a lot about SEO.

Which is why we spend an average of $1000 per month on training our digital marketing consultants and giving them time to learn new SEO methods. As they say, “If you ain’t growing then you’re dying.”

It’s also why we joined the most powerful group of SEO experts in the World, One Man Gang (OMG). This group is a co-op of over 200 SEO experts that share tactics and strategies and help one other to achieve success online. This group is our secret weapon to your site’s success because when we apply what we learn here, our clients’ sites dominate their competitors.

Grow with the best SEO company in San Diego County… Goozleology!

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