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We specialize in search engine optimization, online marketing, PPC, Conversation Optimization, and much, much more.


We can develop your online marketing plan, organize the resources, identify deficiencies, launch and execute a plan that fits your budget.


Are you a nonprofit in needs of an advertising push? We help nonprofit 501c3 organizations acquire and utilize $10,000 to $40,000 in Google AdWords every month.


Having substantial content on your site is critical for ranking in search engines and engaging your audience. But what if you don’t have the time?


Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of your websites data so that we can understand and optimizing your site for search engines and your visitors.


A website is about providing information to the visitor/user in the best possible and most efficient manner. Each of these elements is a representation of information.


You have to know what your customers are saying about you. You need a reputation monitor that can alert you 24/7 to potential problems.


We show you exactly how we rank our clients at the top of search engine results. We hold FREE webinars often and then post the videos online.

Our Professional Services Boost Your Rankings Into the Stratosphere!

Our SEO strategies, methods, and techniques will launch your site into the stratosphere as quickly and as safely as possible. Plus, our long-term philosophy helps your business dominate your competition for the foreseeable future. And whether your business is in San Diego or Cleveland or Tokyo, we can help with your search engine ranking.

The Five Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

1. SEO increases targeted traffic to your site

If your site is not on page one or two of Google, then it is almost invisible. So, our first goal is to get it into the top 20 results. Then we work harder and harder until it cracks the top 10, top 5, top 3 and then grab the top spot.

When performed correctly, SEO drives incredibly targeted traffic to your site that is looking for what you are selling. Not many forms of marketing are as targeted as SEO.

2. It is All About Return on Investment (ROI)

Goozleology offers many services that provide substantial ROI, but none of our services provide as much ROI as our SEO services. Dollar for dollar, SEO provides much higher ROI over any other form of marketing in the long term.

Why? Because once we get your site to where you want it to rank, it takes minimal effort to keep it there. This is unlike other forms of advertising like Google Adwords which require you to keep paying to keep playing.

3. Brand Awareness

It is simple really. When people search for a term in the search engines, they assume that the site ranked #1 is the best at what they do. So wouldn’t it be awesome to have potential clients think that you are the best at what you do?

4. Your #1 ranked competition is doing SEO

The #1 site for your niche has indeed found that SEO provides the best ROI, and they are reaping the rewards. So why haven’t you? Well, with our help, you can wrangle the #1 spot from your competition’s vice grip.

5. Results are Continuous

Here’s a question for you… If you advertise on TV, radio, or through PPC, will your phone stop ringing if you stop paying for the advertising?

Of course it will!

SEO is different though because once we get the results you want, it takes 1/10 the price to keep your site there. Moreover, if, on the rare occasion, your competition knocks you off your perch months from now, we simply re-launch an SEO campaign to knock them off once again. However, whereas it takes a long time to grab the top spot the first time, it takes much less time to re-grab the top spot.

WARNING! Some SEO companies claim that the results of SEO are permanent. This is not necessarily true. While many of our clients outrank their competition indefinitely, some of their competitors will also hire another SEO agency to battle us. Note: we will not work with competition in your area.

If this happens to you, we will research what happened and advise you on what to do. Nine times out of ten, the “affordable” SEO company your competition will have hired will use black hat methods. These kind of methods generate very short term results, and we’ll advise you not to worry about it. In these cases, your site will bounce back naturally.

On the rare occasion that your competition hired a relatively competent white hat search engine optimization company, we’ll advise you to re-launch our SEO services for a short period.

Personalized and Strategic Solutions for Long-Term Success.

No two businesses are alike. Even two burger joints can have vastly different customers based upon cuisine influence and location. So we do not treat your business like any of our other clients. We work with you to develop the best SEO plan for your business because a simple search engine submission will not do much.

Some sites will need 10 pages of content. Others will require 100.

Some sites will need only a dozen high-quality backlinks. Others will require 12 dozen.

Our Link Building Process

Building links to your site is critical to your SEO success. However, there are safe, ethical and powerful ways to build links, which Goozleology implements using the right SEO optimization tools, and there are “black hat” methods that will eventually get your site penalized.

Do you outsource your link building?

Yes and no.

We do not outsource the building of links directly to your site (Tier 1) because these are the most valuable links. Therefore, we build them ourselves using a precise method. We create high-quality sites on aged, high authority domains related to your site, and we link them to your site.

For example, if you are a dentist, we would actually create several sites related to dentistry. They could be about oral care, choosing a dentist or even a more general site about health. Then we create high-quality content, post it on the site and then links back to yours.

Now, we do have a team of highly trained and trustworthy link builders that build links to the Tier 1 sites, then links to the Tier 2s, and even links to those Tier 3s.

However, again, only our in-house SEO specialists build links directly to your site or any of your properties like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube or Twitter.

What is White Hat SEO?

First of all, white hat SEO is what Goozleology does, and it simply means that we only use methods that are approved by the search engines. This process takes a little longer to achieve results, but it also achieves better and longer-lasting results. Plus, your site will never be hit with “The Slap” which pretty much removes your site from the search engine results.

What is Black Hat SEO?

”White” and “Black Hat” are terms pulled from westerns where the good guy always wore a white hat and the bad guys worn a black hat. Ergo, “black hat SEO” is the type you want to run from. Unfortunately, unlike the movies, it is not so easy to tell them apart because black hatters do not ever tell people that their methods are black hat.

So, how can you tell whose white or black hat?

Well, for one, trust your gut. If what they do seems to be unnatural, then it probably is. Also, if they guarantee that they are going to get results in a couple of weeks, then they are indeed building thousands of spammy links to your site.

White hatters will tell you up front that it is going to take 3-8 months, and maybe even longer, depending upon how strong your competition is. Because it takes time to research your business and competition and then it takes even more time to build powerful links on related sites because we have to build relationships with those sites.

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