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Social Media Marketing for San Diego Businesses

social media for small business
Goozleology can help your business with its social media marketing in San Diego

Social networking is a form of online marketing that allows modern brands and businesses to connect with consumers, deliver value, and build lasting relationships. About 85% of all businesses are on these social platforms in one way or another.

Now, if we want to know if businesses are getting results in “social media” that is a different question. Because companies that try to use social media to make direct sales tend to fail miserably.

On the other hand, successful companies using social media focus more on the interaction with their clients, customers, and fans. Some of them even try to be playful and fun. Those that build communities instead of direct selling tend to do very well. However, developing a community through social media largely depends on your marketing strategy, hence the importance of having a marketing plan for social networks.

The Benefits of a Powerful Social Media Campaign:

  • It is a medium where millions of users congregate
  • You can better understand your customers through research and monitoring of social media
  • You can manage your brand reputation
  • You can build trust and humanize your brand
  • You can generate new buyers
  • Your customers might be using social networks extensively
  • You can expand your reach and influence
  • You can develop lasting relationships with your biggest fans
  • You can be highly present in front of your fans at a low cost

Which Social Networks Are Right For You And Your Company?

Perhaps the most common mistake as it pertains to social media for small business is that companies either choose the wrong social network to participate on or try to create a presence on all of them. The simple fact is that very few businesses need to be on all social networks. Most of them only need to be on one or maybe two.

So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Where do my clients hang out online when they are looking for services similar to mine?”

For example, just about all of Goozleology’s clients are on Facebook so you might think that we have an enormous presence there. Well, we do have a fan page that we automatically post to but were not on there very much because when our clients are on Facebook, they are just not looking for services like ours.

However, we do interact with people on Linkedin, post content there and give advice because that is where our prospective clients are hanging out when they are in “business mode”.

online marketing
Facebook, Twitter and Linkin can all be great forms of online marketing

So what type of business do you have?

Restaurant? You probably don’t need to be on Linkedin, but you need to participate on Yelp.

Lawyer? You should avoid Facebook and give advice on Linkedin.

After you answer a few of these questions, well put together an accurate analysis of your offline reality, create online goals, and draw up a plan for social media marketing. Once we get started, you are going to become fluent in “social entrepreneurship” which is a fancy way of saying, “growing a business online.”

social media campaign
A great social media campaign can get people “liking” your business

Finally another key aspect to success in social media is to create relevant content for the network’s users. This differentiates you from your competition, establishes trust, and causes your community to interact with you. Plus, if they like it, they’ll share it with their family, friends and colleagues, thereby, amplifying your brand.

Look, you don’t need a social media MBA. You just need Goozleology!

We believe that we provide the best social media marketing for San Diego businesses. So if you’d like to discuss working with us, please fill out our Discovery Form so that we can determine if we are both a good fit for each other.

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